“Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” Walking Tour

I would never ever tell you that you can see Rome in one day. It is truly an amazing city with so much history and many fabulous sights that one day does not do it justice. I do however have a walking tour to get a starter’s view of Rome. This walking tour starts and… Continue reading “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” Walking Tour

Olive Oil (and how it’s made)

Olive oil in Italy is special. Olive oil in Umbria is very special. Early autumn finds the stores and restaurants closed and people are out in their fields picking olives. Trees are picked by hand or by “combing” the trees to release the olives into nets which are then collected up and placed in baskets.… Continue reading Olive Oil (and how it’s made)

The Simple Hat

The hat pattern is modified from a great pattern I found from Stash Lounge. Skill level: Easy What you need to know: Knit, Purl, Change colours What you need: 2 balls of wool each 4.5 oz (127 g) – (I used an Alpaca Wool I bought at a market in Italy for the grey (A) and… Continue reading The Simple Hat