The (Adult) Lemonade Stand

Summertime and the living is easy, to quote Gershwin. Sunny days and warm weather make you want to be outside with friends whether it be lying by the pool or out on a patio. Soak up the sun and enjoy! Stock up on your Vitamin D! We live in Canada, trust me, sadly it will… Continue reading The (Adult) Lemonade Stand

All That Jazz (Umbria Jazz Festival)

  Toronto in the summer is a fabulous place. The weather is nice, patios are in full swing and the city is host to numerous festivals and live music venues. The end of June finds us right in the middle of the Toronto Jazz Festival. The event attracts over 500,000 people to the city over… Continue reading All That Jazz (Umbria Jazz Festival)

A Meal Fit For a King – Relais Louis XIII

What a way to start the Lupercalia weekend! We arrive, slightly late due to Parisian traffic, at the restaurant. While the side street may have been a little difficult to find, the corner building has “Relais Louis XIII” in bright lights above the entrance. The room is elegantly appointed and looks formal, but also cozy.… Continue reading A Meal Fit For a King – Relais Louis XIII

Sugo di Melanzana Oliva Pomodoro 

Another cooking-vegetarian-in-Italy recipe! I think melanzana is a rather elegant-sounding name for eggplant. This is another vegetarian-friendly dinner. The sauce is eggplant, black olives and tomato sauce. Prep time: 15 minutes & 1/2 hour sitting time; Cook time: 20 times; Serves: 4 What you need: 2 melanzane (eggplants) cut into 1/2″ slices and then diced into… Continue reading Sugo di Melanzana Oliva Pomodoro 

A Model Meal

In 2012, Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine ranked Model Milk #2 of the best new restaurants in Canada. Four years later the restaurant is just as popular as it was when the rankings were published. The restaurant is located in the former home of the first dairy to use heat pasteurization in Western Canada (the name, Model Milk… Continue reading A Model Meal

Coffee Change

Although in Canada we have the Loonie and Twoonie, it always feels like I use more change when I’m in Italy. I’m not sure why, but one of the reasons could be that “caffe normale“, or “espresso” as we call it, is so good and ubiquitous. It usually costs less than €1 a cup (take that… Continue reading Coffee Change

Get Pigeonholed

Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine voted Pigeonhole #1 of their 2015 Top 10 new restaurants in Canada. A recent trip to Calgary and dinner at Pigeonhole quickly showed us why. My number one complaint about Calgary restaurants is that the service usually leaves a lot to be desired. I think it’s because a city of a… Continue reading Get Pigeonholed