Popular Panini in Padova

Let me start off by saying that Dalla Zita is not a secret spot. While it feels like a secret spot, as it may be a touch difficult to find (mostly due to the lack of signage out front), the spot seems to be extremely well known by all the students at the University of… Continue reading Popular Panini in Padova

Tortino di Michele (a recipe from Osteria dal Capo)

  Back in the summer, Pete and I were lucky enough to have dinner at Osteria dal Capo one evening when we were in Padova. We had a wonderful dinner and both the meal and service were lovely. At the end of the evening, we chatted with the owners. Gleda and Michele have been the owners… Continue reading Tortino di Michele (a recipe from Osteria dal Capo)

Working with Fire and Steel (Biagiotti)

  Italy is a country of history, art, and tradition. Skills and family businesses are passed down generation to generation. The members of the Biagiotti family of Pienza are one such family. The family now boasts three generations of blacksmiths. In the early 1900s, Alfredo Biagiotti (the grandfather) started the family tradition of working with iron, and other… Continue reading Working with Fire and Steel (Biagiotti)

The Sins of the Father (Scrovegni Chapel)

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son. This, I’m sure, is exactly what Enrico Scrovegni was worried about. Maybe that was good, as this was the impetus for him to build The Scrovegni Chapel and to commission Giotto to decorate it. (The Chapel is also referred to as the Arena Chapel,… Continue reading The Sins of the Father (Scrovegni Chapel)

Cena all’Osteria dal Capo (Padova)

On a recent road trip to the Veneto region of Italy, Pete and I decided to spend a few days in a city neither of us had been to before: Padova, or as English speakers call it, Padua. Padova claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy and is said to have been founded… Continue reading Cena all’Osteria dal Capo (Padova)

Summer Pearl Salad

Long weekends mean catching up with friends and family for impromptu dinners or barbecues. A recent long weekend found me in Toronto. It was the perfect time to have a barbecue on the rooftop and watch the fireworks. The nice thing about getting together with friends is that everyone brings something to the table (literally).… Continue reading Summer Pearl Salad

Sunday in San Marino

Unfortunately, there was not a lot of sun on our Sunday in San Marino. The day started off raining, raining to the point that Pete looked at me and said, “let’s leave and go home to Umbria”. I somehow managed to get him to agree to stay and we are both happy that we stayed!… Continue reading Sunday in San Marino