Gasoline Alley

I think most people have a love affair with cars. You can’t wait to get your driver’s licence and learn how to drive. You remember the car you drove around in as a kid (1972 Pontiac Laurentian Safari Station Wagon), your first car (1987 Volkswagen Fox) and the car you had a crush on that… Continue reading Gasoline Alley

A Model Meal

In 2012, Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine ranked Model Milk #2 of the best new restaurants in Canada. Four years later the restaurant is just as popular as it was when the rankings were published. The restaurant is located in the former home of the first dairy to use heat pasteurization in Western Canada (the name, Model Milk… Continue reading A Model Meal

Get Pigeonholed

Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine voted Pigeonhole #1 of their 2015 Top 10 new restaurants in Canada. A recent trip to Calgary and dinner at Pigeonhole quickly showed us why. My number one complaint about Calgary restaurants is that the service usually leaves a lot to be desired. I think it’s because a city of a… Continue reading Get Pigeonholed

Taking the Silk Road West to Spice Nirvana

“What’s good on chicken?” Since 2008, the best place to get the answer to this question, if you live in Calgary (or Edmonton), is The Silk Road, Spice Merchants. Owners Colin and Kelsey started their specialized spice emporium. They carry over 100 different types of spices and import organic spices from around the world. I… Continue reading Taking the Silk Road West to Spice Nirvana