#Get Bitter – Amaro cocktails

Last week in advance of both St. Patrick’s Day and Italian Unification Day, I extolled the virtues of Amaro and listed 5 entry level Amari and 5 advanced level Amari to try. Now that you have ventured into the bitter world, here are some cocktails to let your digestives do double duty and bookend your meal.… Continue reading #Get Bitter – Amaro cocktails

Amore Amari

Next week, there is going to be a lot of celebrating. Whether you’re raising a green pint to say SLÁINTE and cheer St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) or raising a glass of wine to say SALUTE for Italian Unification Day (also March 17 – both events, same day!), toasts will be made and glasses will… Continue reading Amore Amari

The Emilio Picariello Cocktail – A Guest Post by Homebartendr

Thanks to Scott and Beth from Homebartendr – my go-to blog for what cocktails, home bar information as well as one of my favourite Instagram posters- for this guest blog post, inspired by Gasoline Alley. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or sign up for their fabulous posts! The Emilio Picariello Cocktail – a… Continue reading The Emilio Picariello Cocktail – A Guest Post by Homebartendr

Get Pigeonholed

Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine voted Pigeonhole #1 of their 2015 Top 10 new restaurants in Canada. A recent trip to Calgary and dinner at Pigeonhole quickly showed us why. My number one complaint about Calgary restaurants is that the service usually leaves a lot to be desired. I think it’s because a city of a… Continue reading Get Pigeonholed