Tea for Two

When you think of Britain, you think of the Queen, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Downton Abbey and James Bond, to name a few things in no particular order. When it comes to food, the Ploughman’s lunch, bangers and mash, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal,… Continue reading Tea for Two

Salute! A Day to Celebrate!

The month of February has many things going for it. It is the shortest month of the year, with 28 days. It is the quirkiest month of the year, with that leap day showing up every 4 years. Valentine’s Day on February 14th arguably makes February the most romantic month of the year. But what February… Continue reading Salute! A Day to Celebrate!

Upper Canada Cocktails

We have a long weekend coming up as this Monday in Ontario is our Civic Holiday. In Toronto, the holiday is known as Simcoe Day, after John Graves Simcoe. John Graves Simcoe was the first Lieutenant Governor of the Province (Upper Canada) and founded York, which became Toronto. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot… Continue reading Upper Canada Cocktails

A Meal Fit For a King – Relais Louis XIII

What a way to start the Lupercalia weekend! We arrive, slightly late due to Parisian traffic, at the restaurant. While the side street may have been a little difficult to find, the corner building has “Relais Louis XIII” in bright lights above the entrance. The room is elegantly appointed and looks formal, but also cozy.… Continue reading A Meal Fit For a King – Relais Louis XIII