Secret Seoul Speakeasy

Sssshhhhh! Don’t tell a s(e)oul, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret we discovered during a recent trip. In Seoul, hidden behind not one, but two doors, lies a secret speakeasy.  I’m not kidding, this feels like an honest to goodness speakeasy in downtown Seoul! As with any speakeasy, it is… Continue reading Secret Seoul Speakeasy

Ginger Sippers

I love ginger! I love the tangy taste of it and the subtle not-too-sweet flavour that wakes up your mouth. Remember when you were a small child and weren’t feeling well? How many times were you given Ginger Ale to make you feel better? It still makes me feel better (although I confess that I no… Continue reading Ginger Sippers


  Ordering an Aperol Spritz always seems to start a trend. People see these fabulous orange drinks going by and they unleash their inner “When Harry Met Sally” and say, “I want what she’s having”! In honour of the anniversary of Risorgimento, (Italian Unification – March 17, 1861) and the start of spring; this is… Continue reading #AperolSpritzLove

A Wicked Drink

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day and the soon-to-be arrival of spring. I was out in Calgary for the weekend to see Pete (and to make a lot of chili for our annual Super Bowl party). We had finished grocery shopping and Pete wanted to show me one of his new favourite stores. He took… Continue reading A Wicked Drink