#Get Bitter – Amaro cocktails

Last week in advance of both St. Patrick’s Day and Italian Unification Day, I extolled the virtues of Amaro and listed 5 entry level Amari and 5 advanced level Amari to try. Now that you have ventured into the bitter world, here are some cocktails to let your digestives do double duty and bookend your meal.… Continue reading #Get Bitter – Amaro cocktails

Valentine’s Violette Lava Cakes

This is a public service announcement: Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You still have time to let your special someone think you were organized and thought of them. Valentine’s Day always comes with pressure. Buy flowers. Book a nice restaurant.  Get a card (I’m horrible at cards, sorry Pete!). If you happen to be taking a break… Continue reading Valentine’s Violette Lava Cakes

Maple Ginger Brussels Sprouts

Tomorrow, January 31, is National Eat Brussels Sprouts day. Why is there a day devoted to Brussels sprouts? Probably because Brussels sprouts have been given a bad rap in the past. When I was a kid, Brussels sprouts were always cooked by boiling them. They were gross, like really gross (sorry Mom!). I  hated them.… Continue reading Maple Ginger Brussels Sprouts

Ginger Sippers

I love ginger! I love the tangy taste of it and the subtle not-too-sweet flavour that wakes up your mouth. Remember when you were a small child and weren’t feeling well? How many times were you given Ginger Ale to make you feel better? It still makes me feel better (although I confess that I no… Continue reading Ginger Sippers

Holidays Cheers!

I love parties: cocktail parties, dinner parties, casual parties and spur of the minute get-togethers! I love getting together with friends and family and catching up with people whom I may adore, but don’t get to see often enough because life gets in the way. Bubbles – be it Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or Sparkling Wine –… Continue reading Holidays Cheers!