Tea for Two, Take Two

Tomorrow is National Tea Day. This is a day that celebrates not just tea, but the tradition of sitting down and enjoying a cuppa in the company of friends. Earlier in the week, I started the celebrations early with my post about the British Afternoon Tea we enjoyed at The Goring Hotel in London. There… Continue reading Tea for Two, Take Two

Christmas for New Year’s

So you decided that this year you’re having a New Year’s Eve dinner party and you need a dessert. But you’re not really a baker. And you work and/or have children. And you don’t have a lot of time. Christmas to the rescue! Now before you think I’m suggesting that Santa should put something under… Continue reading Christmas for New Year’s

Holidays Cheers!

I love parties:¬†cocktail parties, dinner parties, casual parties and spur of the minute get-togethers! I love getting together with friends and family and catching up with people whom I may adore, but don’t get to see often enough because life gets in the way. Bubbles – be it Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or Sparkling Wine –… Continue reading Holidays Cheers!

Giving Thanks for Cocktails

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday – family, food, get-togethers and a long weekend. Now, I know that American readers are thinking: “what the heck is she talking about?”. Thanksgiving is another month and a¬†half away! Canadian Thanksgiving (as I always have to explain to my US work counterparts) falls on the second Monday in October.… Continue reading Giving Thanks for Cocktails