Tuscan Bean Soup

Leftovers, I love them; but I know there are people out there, shockingly, who don’t like them. If you repurpose your leftovers into something new, they really aren’t leftovers, but a whole new meal that can be completed more quickly. When I make dinner, I always try to figure out what to do with the… Continue reading Tuscan Bean Soup

Thanksgiving Thai Turkey Soup

Thanksgiving is a great time for family and friends to get together. There is usually plenty of food which usually results in lots of leftovers, and especially turkey leftovers! Now, while I love turkey sandwiches, there are only so many of them that I can eat. On top of that, after all of that Thanksgiving… Continue reading Thanksgiving Thai Turkey Soup

Chicken While You Work

I’m like a lot of people out there. I work full-time, but I also try to make as many of my meals as possible at home, instead of buying prepared food. Doris is a woman I’ve worked with for many years. She has a small child, a husband and she works afternoons.  If she doesn’t… Continue reading Chicken While You Work

Beef Agnolotti with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (a dinner reboot)

Agnolotti (“an-yo-lot-ti”) is a filled pasta from the Piedmont region that is traditionally stuffed with roasted meats or vegetables. While it can be square shaped, like ravioli, it is usually a crescent shaped pasta. “Agnolotti al Plin” is the name if the pasta is pinched at the end to form a little circle (think tortellini). Filled… Continue reading Beef Agnolotti with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (a dinner reboot)

Braised Beef Ribs in Porcini and Morel Mushroom Sauce

Beef ribs are great for slow cooking. This recipe is a great one for a cold winter day and can be done either in the oven or in a slow cooker. You can prep all the vegetables the night before and make it in the morning in the slow cooker for a dinner you will… Continue reading Braised Beef Ribs in Porcini and Morel Mushroom Sauce

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Salad

Finocchio (fennel) is a vegetable that I do associate with Italy. Italians use every part of the fennel. Fennel stays pretty crunchy so it can be used in salads (even staying crunchy the next day), and can stand up to being roasted or grilled. The dried seeds are used for to spice porchetta. Upset stomach?… Continue reading Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Salad