Tuscan Bean Soup

Leftovers, I love them; but I know there are people out there, shockingly, who don’t like them. If you repurpose your leftovers into something new, they really aren’t leftovers, but a whole new meal that can be completed more quickly. When I make dinner, I always try to figure out what to do with the… Continue reading Tuscan Bean Soup

Tuscan White Beans (a recipe from Dario Cecchini)

Going to Dario Cecchini’s in Panzano in Chianti is always fun. While getting there may cause a little dizziness as you navigate the switchbacks that climb up and down the hills in the Chianti area, once you get there, the only dizziness you may feel is from taking in the scene that is the butcher… Continue reading Tuscan White Beans (a recipe from Dario Cecchini)

Tuscan Tomato Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro)

The other day I was at the Arezzo Antique Market with my friend Nan. I’m a big fan of the Antique Market and have furnished much of the house with furniture and other pieces that I’ve found at the market (click on the Arezzo Finds page to see some of the great items I’ve seen there).… Continue reading Tuscan Tomato Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro)

Checking Out Cecchini’s

If Fionn McCool was the giant of legend said to have built the “Giant’s Causeway” in Ireland, I think Dario Cecchini might be the giant of legend that put Panzano in Chianti on the map. How else can you explain the daily pilgrimage of foodies and fun-lovers who take the winding road to end up… Continue reading Checking Out Cecchini’s

Working with Fire and Steel (Biagiotti)

  Italy is a country of history, art, and tradition. Skills and family businesses are passed down generation to generation. The members of the Biagiotti family of Pienza are one such family. The family now boasts three generations of blacksmiths. In the early 1900s, Alfredo Biagiotti (the grandfather) started the family tradition of working with iron, and other… Continue reading Working with Fire and Steel (Biagiotti)

Picture Perfect Pienza

Starting its life as an Etruscan town originally named Corsignano, Pienza (renamed in 1462), is located in Tuscany on the road from Montepulciano to Montalcino. It is located smack dab in the middle of the famous wine towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino – about 15 minutes each way. Many people drive past this small town on… Continue reading Picture Perfect Pienza

The Vasari Corridor – Part 2 – The Influencers

The Vasari Corridor was completed in 5 months by Giorgio Vasari as a surprise for the guests attending the wedding of Johana of Austria to Giovanni, son of Grand Duke Cosimo I. It was used as a passage between the Uffizi (the family offices) and the Pitti Palace (the family home). It was also used… Continue reading The Vasari Corridor – Part 2 – The Influencers