I know, it will be my fault if you end up singing the Phil Collins song Sussudio as you walk around Gubbio. I know I do: Gu-Gu-Gubio, whoa-oa! Besides the fact that the name is a heck of a lot of fun to say (Gu-Gu-Gubbio!), Gubbio is a stunning medieval town of steep winding walkways and… Continue reading Gu-Gu-Gubbio

From Pottery to Pane

Hello Vanna, I’d like to buy a vowel…this was my first thought on Sunday morning when I walked up to Lo Scoiattolo. My friend Fran (who, I am convinced, knows everyone in Umbria) had mentioned to me that she was going to Paciano to do her weekly bread run, and asked me whether I wanted… Continue reading From Pottery to Pane

All That Jazz (Umbria Jazz Festival)

  Toronto in the summer is a fabulous place. The weather is nice, patios are in full swing and the city is host to numerous festivals and live music venues. The end of June finds us right in the middle of the Toronto Jazz Festival. The event attracts over 500,000 people to the city over… Continue reading All That Jazz (Umbria Jazz Festival)

Ruzzolone! This is Why Cheese Comes in Wheels!

In Italy, surprisingly, Good Friday is not a holiday, but business as usual. Easter Sunday (Pasqua) and Monday are the big days with Easter Monday (Pasquetta – “little Easter”) being the holiday. This is good to keep in mind if you’re in Italy for Easter as grocery stores are closed Easter Monday. This also means… Continue reading Ruzzolone! This is Why Cheese Comes in Wheels!

Olive Oil (and how it’s made)

Olive oil in Italy is special. Olive oil in Umbria is very special. Early autumn finds the stores and restaurants closed and people are out in their fields picking olives. Trees are picked by hand or by “combing” the trees to release the olives into nets which are then collected up and placed in baskets.… Continue reading Olive Oil (and how it’s made)