Grillmarkadurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

On our recent trip to Iceland, we were awed and amazed by the natural beauty of the island. Everywhere you turn, there are gorgeous vistas, mountains, water (and waterfalls) and the ruggedness of a volcanic island. After a day touring around the Golden Circle and appreciating the stunning natural splendour of Iceland, we got to… Continue reading Grillmarkadurinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

Progressive Passionate Plates (Gaggan)

Yesterday, April 5, was one of the most anticipated days of the year for food lovers. The Pellegrino Top 50 World Restaurant list was released! A big congratulations to Gaggan Anand for his #7 worldwide ranking, not to mention an impressive third year at the top #1 Asian spot! By now, if you’re a foodie, or… Continue reading Progressive Passionate Plates (Gaggan)

Cayman Islands Calypso Grill

Everyone has those days when they are not overly crazy about their job. You know, the “winning Lotto Max” fantasy; or when you curse your parents for not setting you up with a trust fund. Lucky for me, those days are few. I’m a truly fortunate person because I love my job and all the… Continue reading Cayman Islands Calypso Grill

Dinner That Makes You Sing (Trattoria Antica Boheme, Rome)

Opera season in Toronto starts this month. My sister, Deinah, and I have Canadian Opera Company season tickets. We have gone for the last few years and enjoy the music, the singing and a night out together. The first opera I ever saw was in Rome. I saw a production of Il Trovatore! The Verdi… Continue reading Dinner That Makes You Sing (Trattoria Antica Boheme, Rome)

Cena all’Osteria dal Capo (Padova)

On a recent road trip to the Veneto region of Italy, Pete and I decided to spend a few days in a city neither of us had been to before: Padova, or as English speakers call it, Padua. Padova claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy and is said to have been founded… Continue reading Cena all’Osteria dal Capo (Padova)